Sinn Sage


Sinn Sage is the stage name of an American hardcore pornographic actress, assistant director and nude model.She started her pornography career in around 2002 and has been in over 150 films. Sage grew up in an upper-middle class household with her parents who were both teachers. At the early age of 14, she documented in her personal diary the desire to be involved in the adult entertainment industry. Before entering the industry, she had worked at a video game store and Hot Topic as well as waitressing at Olive Garden. After finishing High School, Sage made the decision of not going to college, and did her first photo shoot when she was 18. She started stripping in the next year, at the age of 19. In 2003, together with a stripping friend, she went out to Las Vegas for the AVN Expo where she met some producers. She continued stripping till 2007, during this time she had to strip to make most of her income, making videos only occasionally, once a month or every few months. Sage star only in scenes with other girls, but doesn’t identify herself as a lesbian. She states, “When I have sex with a man, I want it to be based on some sort of attraction — whether it be mental or emotional stimulation. But, with women, I could have sex with 100 of them a day and not feel anything else about it…”. Although she performs exclusively in girl/girl scenes, she identifies as a bisexual, and as of 2014 was in a relationship with a man (Wikipedia).

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