Jessica Lee


Jessica Lee started her career in 2006, participating in several video projects—the first of them a series titled Mood Castings, one of Mood Pictures’ BDSM birching projects, which showed the thrashing of pretty babes and for which she became well-known. During this project, Jessica interviewed the girls about their abilities to take the punishment and then personally administered the actual caning, though the girls could stop the birching test at any time; however, most of them endured the pain to the end of their 50 lash punishment. In Mood Casting—Rose Black, she administered to the beating Rose Black, a small town girl who never tried spanking or other S&M games in her personal life before; while in Mood Castings—Vanessa Gray, Lee punished Vanessa Gray (a gorgeous, dark-haired MILF who attended the Mood Casting session to earn money for her daughter). Over the course of her career, she participated in more than 80 episodes of this series. In addition to this gonzo-style series, Jessica appeared in plot oriented movies with prison/BDSM themes. In South American Vacation, she played a cruel judge who sentenced several poor girls to corporal punishment—turning their dream vacation into a nightmare with canings and whippings. In Prison Story, she played a prison guard who personally performed the birching punishments. Though working predominantly with Mood Pictures, Lee also appeared in several videos made by the production company Elite Pain—another BDSM company that features the caning and whipping of girls; though she continued her trend of never playing a victim, preferring instead to be the one holding the whip. The devilish dominatrix never gets undressed in her films. (

Dec 112013

Cassie Gotto (1st left, 2nd photo), Alisson Sew (aka Allison Sew) (1st maid), Jessica Lee (in black clothes), Hannah Black (aka Hannah, Hene A) (2nd maid) & Suzie Muller (2nd photo: last in line) in Unquestioning Obedience

Unquestioning obedience II
Unquestioning obedience III
Unquestioning obedience IV

Dec 112013

Suzie Muller (1st photo: pink & white, 2nd photo: nude with ropes, 4th photo: 2nd nude), Jessica Lee (2nd in black clothes), Sandy Scott (1st nude, 1st & 2nd photo), Mia Welford (1st & 2nd photo: 2nd nude, ‘th photo: 3rd nude) & Cassie Gotto (3rd nude, 1st & 2nd photo) in Four Vicious Bitches

Dec 112013

Jessica Lee (mistress) & Suzie Muller (leashed) in The Sado Maso Show />

Jessica Lee: The Sado Maso Show I

Dec 112013

Jessica Lee (mistress) in The Sado Maso Show />

Jessica Lee and Suzie Muller: The Sado Maso Show II